Balloominous™, a meditative experience about flying a balloon and collecting floating luminous things.

“What if you could fly in … like… a hot air balloon, and fish stuff from above the clouds and the more you pick up you get heavier and… then you go into a cave and you see cool glowing stuff and the fire  and     and…..” - This was more or less the beginning of Balloominous, in the brainstorm session at Exile Game Jam 2015. Someone came up with the idea to fly in a hot air balloon, and it all spiralled outwards as more people threw ideas on the table. Eventually the gameplay, graphics and audio crystallized after three days of intense work, yielding the immersive atmospheric & explorative experience of Balloominous.

Made with Unity using the HTC Vive in 72 hours at Exile Game Jam 2015 by Horatiu Roman, Milan Grajetzki, Mads Vadsholt, Andreas Schönau, Andreas Frostholm