Drunken Johnny

Drunken Johnny Screenshot

It is next to impossible to find this game anymore, and unfortunately I was bad at documenting it with videos and screenshots.

Pretty much all that remains is this screenshot and the stories I have about it.

The game was inspired by the proverb "Good things come to those who wait". We thought it would be fun that the game was about being stuck in an elevator, and to get unstuck one must simply wait. However, during the development process we found that the game is boring this way, so I decided to make the main character a ragdoll and named him Drunken Johnny.

The first person controls were suddenly the main fun factor, because of their sheer inadequacy. You were meant to press some numbers on the elevator panel, but the character was wobbling using simulated physics, and the view was moving in a drunken way so it was hard to control where you click. It was possible to pick up a radio and a newspaper from the floor, on which we set up some puzzles: you had to find the right code for the elevator doors, which would lead you to the first ending: a happy ending where you reach your lover's floor and can deliver a flower to her. The alternative ending, waiting in the elevator without any user input for ~30 seconds, led to the second ending, which was more abstract: you may walk out into a white fog.

The presentation was great: we went for the flower ending but since it was implemented in a rush, instead of generating one flower, we generated one every frame, so as soon as we won the game, the framerate plummetted and the screen turned into a slideshow of thousands of flowers, followed by a crash. Typical first game behaviour.

Original post

Here is a game I made with some fellows long ago, at my second game jam ever. It’s called Drunken Johnny and it’s pretty much an accurate drunk person simulation.

It’s my first ever almost-proper game, and we had fun making it and playing it.


Credits for Drunken Johnny:

Made at AFUK USU Mini Jam #4 10-12 may 2013

Horatiu Roman - programming and animation
Rasmus D. Larsen - programming
Mikael Schiffmann - sound
Dennis Nielsen - textures
Mikkel B.-Frandsen - textures, modelling, rigging

Disclaimer: might not run properly on all machines. In that case I’m sorry for you as there is no way to fix it now.