The game Isolation was made at Isolation Game Jam 2015 by Milan Grajetzki, Pavel Savchuk and me. It’s a VR game about being stranded in a weird world, and having to escape by activating all the shelters scattered around the landscape. Walking around in this world is dangerous, because after spending some time outside, health begins to deplete and strange monsters start to chase you from the shadows. The game world is procedurally generated, and there are more than 2 billion levels to play.

I was so excited about this game after we made it that I couldn’t stop playing. Until I went to the CCP Games office in Reykjavik and showed them the game. They agreed that it’s pretty cool.

A playable build might appear online sometime. Keep an eye out for updates.

// video would be nice

// need more explanation about the making of and PCG

// should cover the AR in VR interface that was pretty cool