Museum Monsters

In 2021, I participated in a game jam called A MAZE. Game Jam “A world in motion” organized by A MAZE. Berlin in collaboration with Leibniz Research Museums. A couple of folks and I made a prototype of Museum Monsters, a game about making art from pieces of other art (and objects) from museums that offered their collection to the jammers.

Later, we made a polished version of the game, that can be played today at It features generative ambient music, unique for every monster created, and the Monsterverse, a monster gallery by the players, that you can browse in-game.

Here is a gameplay video without commentary on my YouTube channel.


Play on desktop at 

Museum Monsters is a game about reusing pieces of objects you find in a museum, and creating wacky monsters with them.

Play for free and share your monsters on the in-game Monsterverse and on social media with hashtags: #MuseumMonsters #LeibnizMuseums #LeibnizMuseen

Music by Gabriel Gallardo Alarcon

Thanks to Elisabeth Habisch & Frauke Stuhl for the great support and all the museum folks who helped gather objects and information, provide feedback and doing tons of play testing.

Prototype made at A MAZE. Museum Jam in collaboration with Leibniz Research Museums “A world in motion”

Developed in 2022 with funding from Leibniz Research Museums and released in Dec 2022.

The jam version of Museum Monsters

The first prototype looks like this:

Developed on 21 jul 2021

made by

  • Horațiu Roman
  • Gabriel Gallardo Alarcon
  • Emmanuel Ayala

The idea of the jam was to use objects from every museum in an interactive way, and to create some kind of awareness of the museums and their connections to each other and the game. Everybody had fun playing it even though the game is more of a toy. There is no win condition, the only reason to play is to exercise your creative muscle.


Museum Monsters was awarded App of the Month by Die Deutsche Akademie für Kinder- und Jugendliteratur.

Award: App of the Month Dec 2023 by Die Deutsche Akademie für Kinder- und Jugendliteratur