OOOO - local multiplayer game

Local multiplayer finger tapping bonanza for Android

OOOO is a mobile game for 2 to 4 people, designed and programmed by me. It’s about tapping circles, and it involves tangling your fingers. I made it in two weeks for fun,

It is very fun to play with anyone of any age, and it is free! Check out this gameplay video!

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Facebook page here

Google Play link here

The Google Play entry is taken down because I didn't update something or other on the store. It's probably never coming back. Meanwhile I did find some pirated versions of the game which worked when I tried showing it to some friends, so you can try to find it online. Be careful that it's not malware! Just be on the lookout for the OOOO logo and colors and you'll probably be fine, if you are not sure about it best not to try it tho!