“You are stuck at night in a boring fish-town. Might as well make the best of it! Party all night with your party animal friends. Find boomboxes and disco lights, don’t forget to supply enough booze and pizza, and perhaps spice things up with some glowing mushrooms, if you dare!”

Play here (free): https://nothke.itch.io/partycraft

I worked extensively on the AI behaviours, trying to make interesting party people that drink booze, dance, go pee, get high and have wack conversations. Most of it hasn’t made it into the game but the basic feeling of having a party is there. A much needed pandemic getaway.

There is also a nice interactive (but fairly linear) tutorial sequence, and unfortunately a lot of debug tools are needed for playing (spawn-your-own-party-people).

Made at Global Game Jam 2021 with Ivan Notaros, Nomi, and friends providing voices (full credits on itch.io)

// need a video