Rag Dog

Notes from 2023: I was really bad at documenting and keeping my games this long ago, and there is barely anything about this game anywhere online. The original game files are also lost somewhere, and probably don't work anymore. Still, it's nice to have an entry for this game, as a nice memory for me and perhaps some people that also tried it.

Original post cca 2015

Ragdolls are awesome even if they are not humanoid!

Here is a game I made at the Exile Game Jam in autumn 2013 with a couple of cool guys. It’s called RagDog and it’s about a dog doing dog things. We were laughing our asses off during and after making it, and I keep showing it to friends as one of my funniest, most ridiculous games. I hope you enjoy it! Can you complete the 7 quests?



  • front joystick of XBOX controller (or WASD) - front legs
  • rear joystick of XBOX controller (or ARROW KEYS) - rear legs


Horatiu Roman - Model, controls and AI programming
Michal Krolikowski - Game and menu programming
Anders Riis Viuff - 3D and 2D art