Sami Game Jam 2018

We made a game called Lost Memories at Sami Game Jam 2018, 24 feb, Utsjoki, Finland

We were invited to make games with some native Sami people and gamedevs from around the world in an amazing town above the arctic circle in Finland. This game was made on the themes “Living outside Samiland” and “Forgotten Memories”. The purpose of Sami Game Jam was to take inspiration from some aspects of the local culture, and convey them through an interactive medium.

We spent a week living in pretty extreme cold, and experienced some northern lights, 1.5m deep snow, icy fog that freezes your nostrils, and exchanged culture with the locals.

Made by: Horatiu Roman, Milan Grajetzki, Shailesh Prabhu, Julia Rässa, Mikael Latva, Outi Laiti