VRUnicorns #SelfieTennis

Our first released game in VRUnicorns, in the early days of VR. I was lead developer on it and had the fortune to travel around and showcase the game, and use it as a platform for experimentation.

The HTC Vive, the top headset at the time, was launched in April 2016 and we launched our game around the same time. We continued launching updates with weird features and toys to play with in the game.

Here is the game on Steam

SelfieTennis had a nice launch, many people knew about it and would come up to me saying it's their favorite game, giving me a hug. It was a strange and delightful experience to be recognized this way.



We were pretty good at advertising ourselves with this game, and it's still easy to find good amounts of content about it even now in 2023.

Here's an example of an early feature: the VR selfie stick, later copied by Meta and others.

For more #SelfieTennis videos, there is an auto-generated channel.

I would like to have more articles on #SelfieTennis with stories about some of the features and adventures we had while making it. Maybe I'll get around to writing this stuff at some point.