Stephen the Great and the Turks

Here's an old project I wrote about in the old portfolio.

Play Stephen the Great and the Turks on Google Play

Stephen the Great and the Turks (Ștefan cel Mare și Turcii) is a game based on the Romanian legends about Stephen the Great, ruler of Moldavia from 1457 to 1504 AD. It is said that after victories against the Ottoman Empire (the Turks), Stephen went back to Moldavia and shot an arrow towards the sky, and wherever it landed, he would build a monastery. But what if the arrow landed on another monastery? Or even another arrow? He has to build it exactly where the arrow landed!

So we made this 2 player local multiplayer game, played on the same phone/tablet, where Stephen (left) and Baiazid (right) wage war of churches and mosques.

Each player shoots the bow at the field, and every arrow, when it lands, creates a monastery or mosque. After 15 arrows, the player with the church with the cross closest to the sky (highest up) wins, and a new round begins.

Note: Stephen and Baiazid did not fight in real life, they lived generations apart.


Check whose player's turn it is and give them the device. Tap and hold the screen and drag in the opposite direction of where you want the arrow to fly, much like you would shoot a bow. Let go and see the arrow fly until it stops mid-air (time stops), and let the next player take their shot. Time continues and the arrows fly and make churches. After 15 total arrows, the round is complete and the highest church wins.

Ștefan cel Mare și Turcii was created at the Clujotronic 2016 game jam, in 24 hours by the team:
Horațiu Roman, Dan Pațiu, Iancu Vlad, Ovidiu Dragoș, Inês Martins Ferreira