WE - a game we made at Exile 2015 with Amanda, Adrian and Niilo

A game about being stuck a maze with a bunch of creepy people called the WEs. They don’t eat you, they just block the path. The goal is to reach the white door, and it’s super hard! Nobody has yet finished the game (because maybe the maze is a bit too difficult) but it is super fun to try!

The scary dude in the doorway would duplicate himself in a creepy way in the first moments of the game when the player starts moving. It would be accompanied by a sound, and that sound would happen again and again signifying that you will be soon swarmed by a lot of creepy dudes. And sure enough, at some point they would lumber around and find their way to you, as you explore the maze, and you would get stuck in a corner unable to finish, at which point you lose the game.

Unfortunately I couldn't find any footage of the game anywhere online.

Fun fact: the character was a precursor to the main character model from the amazing game Mosaic by Krillbite, provided by Adrian.